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OTT Software Solutions are an Irish software development company specialising in software platforms for Sports and Social volunteer organisations. At OTT we understand the unique nature of volunteer run clubs and appreciate the value that these volunteers add to their communities. We are developing personalised club management systems that will reduce the cumbersome workload placed on volunteers and allow them to focus on activities that can add value to their clubs. With our customisable platform we provide the tools to allow clubs foster the relationship with their members and ultimately provide a greater member experience. Our first product “ClubSpot” will be available in January 2020, and will provide clubs with the no.1 membership management solution on the market



Our fist product ClubSpot is a customisable membership management platform designed for volunteer run clubs. Our product will enable clubs to reduce the workload associated with tasks such as registration, updates and communications and fundraising. We provide clubs customised app tailored to each clubs needs and conveniently placed on both Apple Appstore and Googles Playstore.


Club members will have access to all their clubs news and events at their fingertips. This will also make it easier for the diaspora to remain connected to their clubs.


By providing members with their personalised club app they will develop a sense of pride and ownership, fostering the relationship between the member and the club.

Live news & results

Results/club news will be sent immediately to members via push notifications


Quick and simple registration process

Online Lotto

Ability to contribute to their clubs with minimal barriers to purchasing

Reduced administration workload

Automated registration, integration with National Governing Bodies registration system.


Analytics to provide admins with crucial data needed when preparing for club meetings, lotto sales, membership details, membership retention etc

Document Storage

Admins to have ability to store documents in the backend. This will reduce the loss of knowledge for administrators as new members take up positions.

Increased recurring revenues

By increasing engagements and providing a simple platform for members to register and participate in fundraising, clubs will be able to increase their revenues thus increasing the value of each member.

Automatic communications

No need for clubs to rely on volunteers to communicate messages via text and whats app. This platform will automatically notify members of upcoming events and fixtures using push notifications.


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